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Hi, I'm Sara, 

Creator of Wings of Being Wellness and Empowerment Training and Certification Program,

Integrative Healer, and Experiential Speaker.


Fascinated with the magic of the life force energy and the creative power of our subconscious mind. Dedicated to creating a greater reality filled with the joy of life, the lightness of being, and new possibilitites for all that that choose.  


Would you like to experience a state of self-mastery and the connection to the divine? 


Upcoming Experiences

  • Wings of Being- ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Training ONLINE
    Tue, Oct 19
    Via Zoom
    Wings of Being with ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Training. The training is designed to help you experience a state of self-mastery and connection to the divine.It is a unique combination of wisdom movement and meditation. Get ready to create your life from within!
  •  AWAKEN - Your Natural Healing Energy
    Wed, Oct 20
    Online Event
    This unique energy and consciousness training will help you infuse new positive energy into your self and into your week. In this session you will experience an amplification of your energy levels, a connection between your mind and body, and the ability to tap into your own healing energy!
  • Wings of Being - ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Course ONLINE
    Sun, Oct 31
    Via Zoom
    The training is designed to empower you to experience a state of self-mastery and connection to the divine. You will get the key to your own inner script room accessing your subconscious mind. The Wings of Being includes a unique combination of Wisdom, Movement, and Meditation.


  • You are DONE achieving through struggle, hardships and chronic stress.

  • If you've been taking the world on your shoulders while compromising your health.

  • If you already know that you are STRONG and now you're ready to choose YOU.

The Wings of Being Wellness and Empowerment training certification program is a FAST TRACK to experience change in real-time.




"Sara draws from and divinely interweaves seemingly diverse, multiple disciplines  and modalities into one deeply powerful unified technique. This allowed me to not only identify deeply rooted beliefs, thoughts and emotions that I had been carrying my whole life and past lifetimes, but how to practically change them for the better. By guiding me to an ever closer connection to the Creator she has allowed me to see more and more of my soul’s true purpose and given me the support and strength on my journey.  I cannot find adequate words to express how much appreciation and gratitude I have for Sara and this technique. I am forever grateful."

David Bernstein

Color X Owner/Partner

"My experience from the Wings of Being program has changed my life. From having a painful, strained relationship with my daughter transformed into a loving, caring relationship full of possibilities and laughter that I have never experienced before. I was able to move forward from a loveless marriage to realize that I am worthy of a loving relationship and developed the inner power to move on with confidence. I found my inner voice and no longer "swallowed my words" but now speak my truth. This program has given me insights to my true essence and I can say that I have never been this happy in my life, EVER."

"Working with Sara has been the best investment and a gift I was able to give to myself. I am not only a Wings of Being student and practitioner and I also work with Sara on my own healing, clearing & strengthening my body energy. Healing happens on different levels we get to address all of them. The most important result of working with Sara is that I am able to choose my thoughts, my emotions and have tools to ground and find balance at times when I need it the most. Through this practice and her unique, very powerful techniques I am able to stay strong in my body, remove inner blockages and continue expanding my brand, creating abundance in my personal and professional lives so that I am making a bigger impact in the world and fulfilling My Soul’s purpose. I am so grateful!"

Julia Bernadsky

Founder & Artist @ Untamed Hearts


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